Mini Kino #2

5/19/2024 -> 6/19/2024

Make a short film
in one month

The 30-Day Filmmaking Challenge
Project Manifest

Are you a budding filmmaker or a seasoned director looking for your next adventure? The Mini-Kino Challenge is your arena to spark a new creative journey or polish your cinematic prowess.

Step into the world of movie-making at Místečko on May 19th to join in. Here, you’ll be thrown a Curveball Challenge that will test your filmmaking mettle, find potential opportunities to join forces with fellow creatives, and set you on a thrilling sprint to produce a short film in just one month.

Your randomly assigned challenge could be technical (affecting how you shoot your film) or narrative (influencing the story you tell). If you form a team, you’ll merge your challenges together.

Films are due by June 19th. Then, on June 23rd, experience the transformation of Místečko into a vibrant film theatre, where your work will hit the big screen at our eagerly anticipated Mini-Kino Film Festival.

Ready to step into the limelight? Sign up today for free and let the countdown to creativity begin!